5 Promotional Products That Every Business Can Enjoy

Promotional products can be specific to the industry: think coasters at a brewery or baseball caps at a sporting event. But every company can benefit from the careful selection of promotional products! If they’re designed correctly and distributed to the right crowd, exposure is guaranteed. So, what to choose?


The secret to selecting a t-shirt as a promotional product is knowing your customer base. Do they want a funny message? A reflection of their brand loyalty? Something functional? If you’re producing a niche product or service, consider using a unique slogan or image that will appeal to the fashion sense, rather than the product familiarity, of your customer base. If you’re running a business that could use more foot traffic, make sure your shirts work to that end.

Whatever your priorities, shirts are an eternally popular product. Consider whether offering a ladies’ fit may be worth the additional investment, and don’t forget that offering shirts as a giveaway or gift with purchase is a fun way to get customers excited about wearing your brand.


Stickers are the way the millennial generation expresses their political opinion, personality, and yes – brand loyalty. Stickers are universally usable – they were once fodder only for rear windshields on old vehicles, but now they adorn laptops, water bottles, and skateboards.

If you’re working with a promotional products franchise to develop imagery, make sure to discuss what will work best on a sticker. Stickers are typically inexpensive to produce, which makes them a great freebie option. Consider stickers if you’re looking for promotional raffle items or want to hook your employees up with marketing materials to distribute to friends and family. Consider offering both color and black and white options, remembering that customers are likely to consider stickers more of a fashion statement than merely an advertising tool.

Reusable Shopping Bags

Tote bags and reusable grocery bags are a modern necessity. They’re also lightweight, relatively inexpensive, and completely practical. Location matters here – it will be significantly more useful to distribute reusable shopping bags in an urban setting where grocery stores either charge money for disposable bags or don’t offer them at all. Pick a practical size, a bright and noticeable graphic, and a material that’s sure to stand up over time.


Notepads fall into that “usable for everyone” category. While you’re at it, throw in a pen or two, which everyone needs in the car or kitchen junk drawer. Most promotional products franchises will offer exceptional deals on pens and paper, so take advantage! Remember that name recognition is the point here, but not every product can be a billboard!

Sometimes, repetition is more valuable than sheer size. Stationary and pens will be used over and over again, and that’s their value. Select options that are sure to generate product loyalty. You know that pen you use at the Dentist’s office that makes you think “wow, nice pen”? That’s the pen you want to give your customers.

Water Bottles

If you’re careful to select a material that appeals to the water-drinkers of the world (think aluminum or BPA-free plastic), you’re in business. Water consumption is practically a hobby, and most health-conscious folks roll through water bottles, which wear out in the dishwasher or get lost in the daily commute. Practicality means exposure, and the things that people use every day are going to produce significantly more brand recognition than niche products that are only applicable to specific situations. Everyone drinks water. Make sure they’re thinking of you when they do it!

Promotional products can be specific to the industry or location, but there are some tried-and-true products that never fail. Consider products that are practical, usable every day, and offer cool points for young people looking to represent your brand. No matter your product or service, there’s something out there that can help you to promote it with minimal effort!