5 Tips for polishing your presentation deck


Presentations have always been effective in communicating the ideas to a set of audience but with the changing time the presentation techniques are changing and it is really important for a presenter to know the effective techniques in making a PowerPoint presentation. These 5 techniques will polish your presentation deck and help you to make your presentations better.

1. Using Infographics:

This method of representing information in visual format will make the information look visually appealing without compromising the details. Since the idea itself is to make the information look more appealing, you shouldn’t show all the information at once. Break the information and show the piece which is necessary. There are various options to add each piece to the previous and hence to connect the dots. Dashboard data and report data which are difficult to explain in a short span of time can be effectively conveyed by using Infographics.

2. Use cool yet relevant photos:

A photo always catches the attention of the audience hence the usage of photos is highly recommended but at the same time the photo should be relevant. A photo of Eiffel tower looks good but it doesn’t make sense to use it in a presentation about sales reports, a growth graph with a happy manager standing along with it will make a cool and relevant photo to go with the sales report. Use relevant and cool photos to make the presentation more appealing.

3. Avoid bullet points:

A presentation was incomplete without bullet points listing things when we did it in our schools but now the time has changed and now it is not cool to use bullet points. Yes, you heard it right. You have to stop your favorite practice.

‘What’s so wrong with the bullet points?’ you may ask and the answer is simple: When your mom used to ask you to bring a list of items from the market. It was hard to remember the list, wasn’t it? It is the same case with bullet points. It is hard to grab the attention and retain it when you use bullet points. So, avoid them.

4. Sharing it in digital platforms:

A good presentation gets applauds and a great presentation gets reviews. So, always make sure that your presentation is available in a digital platform where they can check it again and review it. You can share the presentations via cloud storage options like Google Drive or Dropbox, you can even share it to hosting websites like SlideShare or simply convert it into a video file and put it over the YouTube. One thing to remember here is the sharing has its own risk of plagiarism so, be careful while going for it.

5. Making social media friendly Presentations:

To make it easier, the presentations have to be good. Yes, it is that simple but failing to follow this simple suggestion can make you a laughingstock. In the last point you have read about reviews but the thing that happens faster than reviewing is backchanneling. It is the conversation that the audience create during a presentation over social media and microblogging sites like twitter.

If your presentation is good and engaging the backchannel about it will be good and the audience will spread good words but if the presentation is boring and not valuable the audience will pass on the comments which may lead to conflicts. Hence it is always suggested to make the presentation social media friendly which is nothing but making audience friendly. Along with that it is suggested that you must also use some quotes which can be highlighted in the backchannels.