Faster deployment of flood pumps to Malton and Boroughbridge

In order to respond quicker to the risk of flooding and protect homes and businesses, two massive storm pumps have been placed in new homes.

Yorkshire Water has partnered up with Harrogate Borough Council and Ryedale District Council to handle multi-agency flood responses in the future, especially in Norton, Malton, Boroughbridge and Old Malton.

Because of the huge size and their earlier location in the water logistic center of Yorkshire in Leeds, special licenses are required to transport the pumps. There were not being used to their best capacity and moreover, their effectiveness lowered because of the time taken to carry them from Leeds to North Yorkshire.

One pump was moved to a Yorkshire Water site in Ripon by the end of February. This pump will be used by Harrogate Borough Council future flood warnings or any flooding incidents in Boroughbridge to safeguard the properties.

The other pump carried to the Ryedale District Council depot and will be a specific part of Norton, Malton, and Old Malton Multi-Agency Pump Plan.

Michelle Lovewell from the Emergency Planning Team and Eve Pierrepont who is employed at the Flood Risk & Engagement Team have worked with co-workers at both Local Authorities to organize the deliveries.

Eve said, “We are making efficiencies by working together as we transport the pumps and the colleagues at the local authorities make arrangements to deploy them. The communities of Norton, Old Malton, Malton, and Boroughbridge are sure to benefit as we are confident of responding to any incidents of flooding in the more efficiently.”