Safeguarding Your Precious Metals

Precious metals like gold and silver are valuable investments that help to keep your future secure. But shrewd investors should be wary of third-party storage solutions. You never know who you can trust, and quality is everything when it comes to storing your coins or bullion. Physical bullion allows for a more private and tangible investment, as opposed to ETFs, plus there’s less counterparty risk. One of the biggest draws for gold and silver is their reliability as crisis money. As such, storing them in safe, secure vaults should be a top priority. Today, we let you in on the secret to safeguarding your precious metals.

Make Physical Security a Priority When Storing at Home

If you aren’t equipped to store your precious metals at home, vaulting is the only solution you should consider. Vaulting will protect against theft, damage, or any other losses while providing you with much-needed peace of mind. Some investors, on the other hand, choose to keep their coins or bullion at home. This isn’t as simple as keeping it under the floorboards. Theft is always a concern, but by following our essential rules, you can prevent loss.

  1. Seal Your Lips!

What’s the first rule about storing your coins or bullion at home? Don’t talk about it! Insider knowledge leads to theft, so keep your inner circle as tight and closely-knit as possible. You may be tempted to brag about your big gold investment, but resist the urge. The fewer people who know, the better. Ensure anyone you do let in on the secret is trustworthy. Close friends and family members are the only people worth considering.

  1. The Safe in Safety

A high-quality home safe is essential when keeping your investment at home. It’s always a good idea to bolt it to the floor to further deter any would-be thieves. A word of advice: don’t keep it in the living room. Keep your safe in the basement (provided it’s watertight, in case of flooding). Keep it out of sight and out of mind. We’re not all fortunate enough to have secret rooms at home, but all the better if you do!

  1. The Old Switcheroo

Money should be no object when safeguarding your coins or bullion. Why not go the extra mile? Invest in a decoy safe with a modest portion of your holding inside. Criminals tend to stop searching as soon as they’ve found something. This will deter them from finding your main cache.

Vaulting with Indigo Precious Metals

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