UK’s Best Dressed Businessmen

Mark Twain was undeniably right when he said that clothes make the man. It is a fact that there is something very compelling and impressive about a well-dressed man. They have a charm and class of their own that’s matched by no one else. Listed below are some of the men that belong to the UK business scene and have successfully mastered the art of looking dapper and dressing well at all times:

Christopher Paul

One of the top well-dressed businessmen is none other than Burberry’s CEO, Christopher Paul and he seems to have conceded with Twain. In 2004, he joined the high-fashion label as its Creative Director and quickly rose through the ranks when he claimed the position of Chief Creative Officer in 2009. In 2014, he became the Chief Executive Officer. Indeed, he couldn’t have climbed up the ranks so quickly if he wasn’t a dapper fashionist. He never fails to impress, whether he is dressed up in a three-piece suit or wearing the good old jeans and jacket.

Frederic De Narc

There are only a few CEOs that manage to look as sharp as the Chief Executive Officer of Bally, Frederic De Narc. This style icon doesn’t just impress on the importance of the right suit or shirt; he is also conscious of the importance of the right shoes. When it comes to his dressing, he gets his fashion inspiration from Ben Affleck and George Clooney. His advice for others is that you should focus on the fit and look for both shoes and suit. He says that even if you are meeting with a client on conference call, you should be dressed up in your formal, business attire. According to him, this is how you show respect to your customers.

Horta Osório

The Chief Executive of the Lloyds Banking Group is Horta Osório. He is a Portuguese banker, who has had extensive experience working in the banking sector and in various other areas. He served as an assistant professor at the Catholic University of Portugal for a few years. Other than that, he worked at Citibank, Goldman Sachs and also joined the Santander Group. In January 2011, he joined Lloyds Banking Group and progressed to the position of CEO in March of the same year. He shines amongst his British peers as a great model of the dapper and modern banker.

David Walker

For decades, David Walker has been the darling of the city and was recently appointed as the Managing Director of Fenwick of Bond Street. He has gotten the reputation of being well-dressed for every possible occasion, which included his time as a board member of the British Fashion Council as well as when he was the Buying Director of Selfridge. His personal sense of style has been described as individualistic and some of his favorite designers include Margiela, Prada and Alexander McQueen. Now, it seems that Walker is turning Fenwick into the next fashion powerhouse singlehandedly and this is partly influenced by his own image.