6 Things You Don’t Want to Forget When It Comes to Buying a Property

Moving house is stressful, and there’s lots of different things to bear in mind and think about. Fortunately, we’ve all got the internet to guide us nowadays! Here’s siximportant elements that you really don’t want to forget when it comes to buying your new property.

MaximiseYour Deposit

I know, I know, obvious right? But totally necessary. Stretch your deposit as far as you possibly can. The more you can pay for your home up front, the less interest on the mortgage you’re going to be paying, so long term, getting as much cash together for your deposit makes a lot of sense.

While getting a sizeable deposit together can easily prove the hardest part about buying property, especially as a first time buyer, it’s definitely worth the extra effort when it comes to getting as much of the property paid for as possible.

Cheapest is Rarely Best

In almost every way when it comes to buying a property. The mortgage rates which are seemingly vastly cheaper than any other? There’ll be a catch somewhere in the financial jargon.

Be aware, that when it comes to uprooting your whole life, and replanting it somewhere else, you’re going to have to spend a fair bit of money on various services, from estate agents to removal companies, and skimping doesn’t always work out.

Choose the Right Estate Agent

The right estate agent can see your old property sold in a month or two, and negotiate you the best possible deal on the new one. The wrong estate agent service could see you waiting months and months for your old property to sell, with little to no helpful guidance, as well as minimal skill or expertise in other regards. This is all a huge shift in your life, you want the right service for you.

Get As Much House As You Can Afford

If you’re clambering up the property ladder, it makes sense to grab the biggest, and best possible house you can afford. In the worst case scenario, you can always downsize, and best case scenario, you get a huge asset and lovely home or pay your mortgage off early. Win, win!

Pick the Right Time to Sell and Buy

I know you might be desperate to move house, or even just get away from renting, but it’s not always the right time to move. For instance, at the moment, it’s a bit of a sellers’ market, which means if you’ve got a property to sell, that’s fine, but for first time buyers it just makes things harder. It might be worth holding on a little longer, and saving up a little more for your deposit.

Be Patient

This should be the official slogan of moving house in general. Being patient is crucial to getting the best possible deal and minimising stress and hassle. Just sit back, and if you’ve done everything else right, you’ll have a beautiful new home soon.